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Use the PRTG Ping Monitor to Detect Network and Website Failures Early

If you're a network administrator, you've probably typed "ping" or something similar into a console recently. You use ping to:

  • Check whether a distant computer is successfully linked to the network
  • Find out if a particular IP address exists and is currently working
  • Measure your network speed / connection speed
  • Diagnose network and router failures

So Why Not Use a Ping Tool That Makes Your Work Easier?

PRTG Network Monitor is a Windows based network monitoring tool that includes easy Ping monitoring functionality: just set up a PING sensor and the desired scanning interval, and PRTG will constantly ping the IP addresses you select. You will receive instant alerts when a failure is detected or if a connection is too slow, enabling you to react right away.

PRTG Network Monitor is the PING tool that does more than detect failure as it happens. With PRTG, you can monitor all kinds of performance issues, and detect problems before they get serious.

In addition to Ping monitoring, PRTG uses a variety of other sensors, such as PORT, HTTP, and DNS,
to monitor devices and servers located on the Internet, on Intranets, and on VPN networks.
Other advantages of the PRTG network monitoring software include:

  • Easy installation and usage - you can start using the PING monitor in less than 5 minutes!
  • Availability, performance and network bandwidth monitoring in on comprehensive, easy to use software
  • The software is highly customizable (it even lets you write your own sensors) and scalable. It is therefore used by businesses of all kinds and sizes: For some, it is just a simple PING tool, that makes uptime monitoring easy. Others use it to keep close tabs on their entire network (e.g. to monitor network availability, website performance, network bandwidth, CPU utilization, memory usage, toner levels etc. and for troubleshooting all network issues)

Find out how PRTG can help you improve your network. Download the tool now for free.

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