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Obtain 24/7 Website Availability Using PRTG

PRTG Network Monitor makes sure your website is up and running and working correctly at all times.

Avoid Website Downtimes Using PRTG Network Monitor

Slow website performance and downtimes can impact the bottom line of your business. Continuous website monitoring using PRTG Network Monitor will not only tell you when a system failure has taken place, but can even prevent this from happening in the first place. This will help you to achieve 24/7 server and website availability.

PRTG allows you to check

  • Website availability
  • Whether certain content is included on the website
  • Website speed
  • Website changes
  • CPU load, memory usage, free disk space, etc., of your web servers
  • Database Performance and Availability
PRTG - General Overview

PRTG - General Overview

Using remote probes, you can even check website availability and speed from different locations, i.e. your company's branch offices. Additionally, PRTG's flexible alerting system will notify you via email, SMS, pager, or instant messaging as soon as a downtime occurs or another problem is detected.

PRTG - More Than Website Availability Monitoring

PRTG Network Monitor is not only a website availability and performance monitoring solution. The software can also be used as a router bandwidth monitor: using SNMP, PRTG's free packet sniffer, and NetFlow / sFlow, it acquires detailed bandwidth usage data and helps to avoid bandwidth bottlenecks. In addition, it checks the availability of other network devices, such as servers, routers, switches, or network printers, monitors log files and events, and can be used to run a network performance test.

Your Entire Network at a Glance

Not only does PRTG Network Monitor cover all aspects of network monitoring:
(up-/downtime monitoring, website availiability monitoring, traffic and usage monitoring, etc.), but it also offers concise reporting and analysis features – one clear and simple solution for your entire network.

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