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PRTG Desktop (BETA)

Discover PRTG in a completely new way. On your desktop.

In designing PRTG Desktop, we adhered to the simple principles of modern software design. You will find all relevant information of your monitoring intuitively and clearly arranged, and you will be able to compare sensor data in an outstandingly simple way.


Free Download
for Windows and Mac

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PRTG Desktop is currently available as a public BETA version. For questions, feature requests and bug reports please contact [email protected]   

Previous feedback from our beta users has enabled us to continuously improve PRTG. We thank you in advance for your feedback!

Known issues: PRTG Desktop works with most graphics cards, but if you encounter crashes or graphical glitches, please upgrade your graphics drivers to the latest versions and contact support if the problem continues.

Enjoy the brand-new PRTG Desktop!



  • Drag & Drop
  • Select multiple objects
  • Multi-Core support
  • Intelligent tray icon
  • Available for Windows and Mac

Take a look inside


Free Download (BETA Version)