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We think PRTG is great, of course, but what do others say who have tested the software thoroughly?

The message is clear: PRTG stands out due to its excellent usability, a very good price-performance ratio
and that we continually add new features and functions.


PC Magazine Review 2018

"Paessler PRTG Network Monitor is what you'd expect from a solid contender in the network monitoring and infrastructure management space. The hierarchical structure of the device views, the ability to group similar sensors with tags, and even the printable QR codes at each level are key usability features that put a wealth of data at your fingertips without overwhelming you. Add to the functionality of the UI a comprehensive reporting suite, complete with the ability to design interactive data maps that update automatically, and Paessler PRTG Network Monitor is a strong competitor in every phase."


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PC Magazine

IT BRIEF Review 2017

"With PRTG the possibilities are endless. Recognising this, Paessler have set up PRTG Scriptworld a site where users can share scripts they have created in an open-source setting. The possibilities are endless, as are the ways users can utilise the data collected."


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ITPRO Review 2017

"In all, you'll be hard-pushed to find a more comprehensive network monitoring package than this. There are no hidden costs or extra packages to buy either, making Paessler PRTG our network monitor of choice."


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techradar Review 2017

"If you're looking for a comprehensive, user-friendly monitoring solution, it's well worth checking out PRTG Network Monitor. The platform can scale to networks of any size, meaning that it's suitable for both small and larger firms. Not only does it measure traffic to ensure your networks aren't suffering undue strain, but the software also scans system components for any sign of failures - helping to avoid catastrophic outages."


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eWeek Review 2016

"PRTG Version 16 does a lot more than just monitor networks. It offers easy-to-understand insights into network operations. PRTG accomplishes that with a client-server configuration, where the primary console as well as the associated databases and logic is installed on a workstation or server and functions as the centralized information repository."


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c't Magazine Review 2015

Professional Network Monitoring

Dutch c't magazine reviews PRTG Network Monitor and gives an overview of its concept and features. Emphasizing its fit for both small and large networks, c't magazine concludes that PRTG Network Monitor is an excellent tool to monitor the activities on your network.


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c't magazie

IT Brief Review 2015

"Paessler's solution is awesome; I highly recommend that anyone running a network needs this tool. Start small and stick with monitoring the most critical elements of your organisation first. Then only your imagination will limit what you can monitor from there."


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IT brief

alphr Review 2015

"Paessler's PRTG Network Monitor 15 delivers a slick set of network monitoring tools neatly amalgamated into a single console. You will need to keep a close eye on sensor usage but the fact that it will monitor just about anything straight from the box, and doesn't require any expensive add-ons, makes it an A-Lister in our books. "


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iTWire Review 2015

"For the executive, PRTG provides transparency in where money should be spent on the network. It demonstrates visibily the network performance and trends, and it becomes a vital tool in capacity planning for staff and systems alike, allows meaningful data for budgeting and generally gives visibility in the IT department which managers often lament they do not see. If your business is not already using an enterprise network monitoring tool then no matter your size, small or large, PRTG is a must-try. If you are using a competitive product the free trial gives you a risk-free option to compare."


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TechWorld Review 2015

Sweden's biggest website for IT-professionals TechWorld reviewed British Observium and PRTG, two network monitoring tools that both aspire to monitor everything. Comparing Observium's and PRTG's system requirements, installation, configuration and interface, TechWorld concludes that PRTG is a versatile and flexible tool, with an advanced user interface and an integrated case management system, making it easy for users to monitor heterogeneous networks.


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Enterprise Networking Review 2014

PRTG Network Monitor 14 from Paessler

"Managing a complex enterprise network is anything but simple, and many a network administrator has experienced sleepless nights trying to track down problems and solve issues within the network. Paessler aims to remove that trepidation and help administrators get some sleep with Version 14 of PRTG Network Monitor. PRTG Network Monitor v14 helps administrators get critical chores done quickly and easily, gaining peace of mind and hopefully some much-needed extra Zs at night."

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Enterprise Networking Planet

Network Computing (UK) Review 2014

PRTG Network Monitor 14 from Paessler

"Paessler's PRTG Network Monitor has always been a firm favourite for keeping an eye on the lab and it provides some of the best tools on the market. PRTG is continuously developed, and the latest version (14) now under review delivers an impressive number of new and useful features. [...] Paessler's PRTG Network Monitor delivers a sophisticated toolbox of network monitoring tools neatly amalgamated into a single console. Its combination of excellent value, ease of use, and the ever increasing range of new features, puts the fun back into network monitoring."

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Network Computing

Monitorizando más de cerca la infraestructura crítica

Monitorizar para prevenir y detectar los problemas es esencial

El PRTG Network Monitor ya fue probado por Flavio Xandó hace dos años. Despúes de su prueba de 2014 concluye: "Yo quedé particularmente impresionado con la evolución del producto en estos dos años, pues de por sí ya era una buena solución. Deben ser destacadas las innovaciones, el incremento de recursos, las facilidades y el óptimo soporte que tuve en todas las ocasiones que solicité ayuda. Como dije, hay varias alternativas de empresas que buscan una solución para el problema de monitorización de infraestrutura, pero el PRTG sin duda merece un lugar destacado entre las posibilidades de elección. En mi escenario resolvió completamente la demanda, dio el resultado esperado y superó mi expectativa en el aspecto de las sondas remotas."


funkschau Review 2014

See how it works

"funkschau reviewed, which Network Monitoring software is particularly suitable for monitoring the networks of mid-sized companies. [...] Important factors for these types of organizations are speed of installation, ease of use and the quality and usefulness of the information being provided. Based on these requirements, PRTG Network Monitor is the best solution for small and mid-sized companies. It can be operated by IT "all-rounders" and doesn't require specialist knowledge (although even the most advanced techies often prefer a simple, uncomplicated solution)."

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IAIT Test 2014

Complete Control for Administrators

"Our test of PRTG 14 proved it to be an outstanding product. The solution scores especially high due to its fast, clear Ajax web interface, which ensures that monitoring remains clear and easy to use, in spite of the complexity of the task and the huge range of function available in Paessler's PRTG. Even with a high number of monitored systems, important sensors can be selected quickly and setting required threshold values and alerts is straightforward and fast. Functions like the maps and libraries contribute to improving the lucidity of the solution and make it even easier to work with."


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Network Computing (UK) Review 2013

PRTG Network Monitor 13.2 from Paessler

"As Network Monitoring gets ever more sophisticated many products are struggling to cope with the increasing number and diversity of devices to be monitored as well as the volume of data generated. This can result in web console performance issues but Paessler has bravely tackled this head on by completely rewriting the front-end of its PRTG Network Monitor. It is much faster. [...]"

Network Computing puts it in a nutshell: "It [PRTG Network Monitor] is capable of presenting a lot of easily interpreted information using a single screen and the new web console's lightening quick responses makes network monitoring a pleasure, instead of a chore."

Network Computing

PC PRO Review 2013

"Good value, ease of use and a range of new sensors make this a top choice for network monitoring."

"Paessler’s PRTG avoids the hidden costs of network monitoring since it’s licensed by the number of software sensors, rather than systems and software elements. The latest version looks even better value for SMBs, as it comes with plenty of new features as standard. [...]"

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PC Pro

funkschau Review 2013

Nothing comes without a price

Funkschau's test laboratory asks: "Is a company really getting away cheaper with an Open Source product than with a commercial package?" In the realm of open source network monitoring, especially 'Nagios' is a huge hit. A basic argument for this kind of solution is of course that it's free. But Linux/Unix expertise is vital in order "to configure the product properly and get it running [...]. Whoever can afford professional support quickly ends up in the same price class as a commercial solution like PRTG where professional support is included in the price."

Funkschau concludes: "It quickly became obvious that this was a comparison like 'Dacia Logan vs. Mercedes S-Class. [...] PRTG takes the lead not only for installation and the startup configuration but also for configuration changes, user management and report creation. [...] A world of difference lies between the graphical user interfaces of the two products: on one side a fast, modern, complete and optically pleasing interface - on the other a rather archaic, rudimentary interface. [...] Despite my love for open source software, I have no choice but to name PRTG Network Monitor as the clear winner of this comparison."


IAIT Test 2013

A Completely Revised Monitoring Solution for Corporate Environments

The German Institute for the Analysis of IT Components (IAIT) writes about the monitoring software's innovations: "A new web interface and revamped mobile web GUI are some of the new features in the current PRTG version. The new web interface is a single page application (SPA) and works faster than the previous version, loading all settings in layer popups, so that users never lose the context of their work [...]. The page containing the overview of individual sensors has been reworked. The sensor data is now portrayed in a graph with a speedometer-like display. Another important new feature is the "PRTG for Android" App. The user thus receives an easy-to-use and easy-to-navigate overview of all monitored components."

In this test PRTG especially scores with its usability: "The tool's service range was always impressive, and now the web interface also provides a much better overview. It is not only much faster, but also presents the information required by each user in a clear and logical structure, which can be adjusted to accommodate the user's needs at any time. Paessler has taken a great leap forward with the new version [...], which should more than satisfy any system administrator."


LANline 2013

Network Monitoring Can be Surprisingly Easy

The German IT magazine LANline found: "PRTG has clearly proven that network monitoring and its configuration do not need to be a nerve- racking project that utilizes several working days. In practice PRTG is absolutely sufficient and due to the saved amount of work the cost price pays off in any case: An explicit recommendation."




funkschau Review 2012

Monitoring in the Fast Lane

"Paessler skipped two version numbers at once with the current release of their PRTG Network Monitor. We figure they've added enough new features to justify the jump - and we agree with Paessler, that version numbers are not that relevant anymore these days."

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