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Cisco Solution Partner

Paessler is a Cisco Solution Partner:

"Members of the Cisco Solution Partner Program enhance and unite the comprehensive Cisco technology portfolio with products that feature verified interoperability. The program includes companies that hold a market leadership position, use Cisco technology, and share Cisco's strong commitment to customer service."


Being a Cisco Solution Partner enables us to deliver a monitoring solution with proven support for and interoperability with Cisco devices.  PRTG monitors Cisco devices on multiple levels, using standard protocols, with pre-built sensors for SNMP, IP SLA, NetFlow v5, NetFlow v9 and IPFIX. Our close cooperation with Cisco ensures that we can keep PRTG up-to-date for monitoring Cisco devices, and ongoing partnership renewal ensures a consistently high level of cooperation.


Find more information about monitoring Cisco devices using PRTG on our introductory page and in our 3-part blog series.

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