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Monitoring Cisco Devices

Are you in charge of a network that utilizes Cisco devices, such as routers, firewalls, switches, VoIP solutions? You need a network monitoring software that will give you the full overview of your network including:

  • How much bandwidth is being used
  • The quality of your DSL lines
  • The quality of your VoIP connections
  • If your QoS policies ensure that your business critical applications are getting priority
  • The CPU utilization of your Cisco devices?
  • Your disk space usage

PRTG Network Monitor is the all-in-one network monitoring solution that monitors your network's availability, usage and performance. It includes a variety of dedicated Cisco sensors that can meet all your Cisco monitoring demands. In addition to special Cisco monitoring sensors, PRTG supports all common network protocols (SNMP, WMI, SSH, HTTP, PING etc.) and also includes dedicated sensors for many other hardware vendors, such as Dell, HP, LenovoEMC or NetApp.


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Traffic Monitoring on Cisco Devices

Monitoring Cisco Routers

PRTG includes the SNMP Cisco ADSL sensor, which shows you the downlink and uplink speed, bandwidth loss, remote and local SNR and local power output, making it easy to judge the quality of your DSL line.

NetFlow and IPFIX Traffic Monitoring

Many Cisco routers, switches and firewalls support NetFlow or IPFIX. This protocol enables you to analyze your network traffic in detail, e.g. by traffic type or IP address. PRTG includes dedicated sensors for NetFlow 5, NetFlow 9 and IPFIX for a network traffic analysis that goes beyond the capabilities of SNMP monitoring and that uses up far less resources than packet sniffing.

Monitoring VPN Traffic on a Cisco ASA

With PRTG's various ASA VPN sensors, you can keep track of the usage of your network via VPN connections:

Monitoring Quality of Service (QoS)


PRTG also offers a variety of sensors designed to monitor and improve quality of service in your network. Its support for Cisco IP SLA enables you to determine QoS for important IP applications and services, e.g. for VoIP connections. Also the SNMP Cisco CBQoS sensor helps you to evaluate your QoS policies and adjust them efficiently.

Monitoring Vital System Parameters on Cisco Devices


The SNMP Cisco System Health sensor displays important system information about your Cisco devices and makes it easy to understand them. Lots of different system parameters are supported depending on your devices. Common values include:

  • CPU load
  • Available memory
  • Temperatures

Cisco IP SLA Sensor: Providing a Benchmark for QoS


The Cisco IP SLA sensor is very versatile. You can use it to perform various operations, for example, echo, jitter, or dns to measure response times or delays. Furthermore the sensor provides you with live values for relevant QoS parameters like Average RTT (Round-Trip Time), Downtime or MOS (Mean Opinion Score). You can, for example, use MOS to determine the overall QoS (Quality of Service) in your network. Do you want to know more about the QoS of your network? Just add the Cisco IP SLA sensor!

Simplify Your Network Monitoring - Start Using PRTG Now!

PRTG Network Monitor - the comprehensive Cisco monitoring solution - is available in two different editions.

The Free Edition is available for both personal and commercial use.

Need more sensors to monitor a larger IT infrastructure? See our commercial licenses here.

Try PRTG now and find out how much easier a truly unified IT monitoring will make your daily work.


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